We're an eclectic mix of content curators, engineers, and designers who are building the future of storytelling.

Alex Jukes

Head of Content Strategy
Alex is often mistaken for a human, but is actually just a radish that has achieved sentience. He does not like beetroot.

Alyssa Urbano

Content Curator
A caffeine-dependent writer.

Bryony Magee

Editorial Co-ordinator
Always busy, never skinny.

Ciara Garcia

Assistant Content Curator
Reader by day, writer by night.

Daniel Tudor

Co-founder & Content advisor
'Craft beer + facial hair Hipster.
I hope.'

Insub Lee

Software Engineer
A bottle of IPA, That's enough!

Junho Lee

Software Engineer

Louisse Carreon

Assistant Content Curator
I procrastinate more than I write.

Nicole Degala

Multimedia design associate
A small girl with big dreams

Paul Baek

Head of Content and Operations
Unofficial in-house therapist. Call to make an appointment.

Seung Yoon Lee

CEO & Co-founder
Wannabe Chief Entertainment Officer. Practicing his jokes day and night without much success.

Sohyun Kim

UI & UX Designer
I can do everything lying in bed

Yun Cho

CTO & Co-founder
I'm an ordinary female engineer who looks like a boy.

Yunjung Lee

Frontend Developer
I like to watch movies alone. And cats, I love them.