Late Night

Quickies: Bite Sized Smut

Oleander Plume

Stand-alone stories meant to be devoured in one bite.

Explicitly sexy and definitely not safe for work, these stories are meant to arouse.

This collection includes:

Happy Birthday - F/M, public sex, spanking

Scent of a Man – F/M, office sex

Lipstick Traces – F/M, office sex, spanking

Ladies Who Lunch - F/F, public sex, D/s

Him - F/M, conference call turns sexy

Temptation - F/M, apple orchard sex (yes, I'm serious)

The Toy Box - F/F, sex toys, exploration

Dirty - F/M, outdoor sex

Chemical [se]X - F/M, (yes, this is the story that inspired the anthology)

Baby It's Cold Outside - F/M/M, a holiday threesome inspired by the song

More to come!