Late Night

Quickies: Bite Sized Smut

Oleander Plume
NOTICE: The Radish Fiction app is removing all erotic titles from its database. Thank you for reading my work. If you would like to read more, please visit my blog Your support is appreciated!

Love, Oleander



Stand-alone stories meant to be devoured in one bite.

Explicitly sexy and definitely not safe for work, these stories are meant to arouse. (Please note: my work stresses consent. No dub-con or non-con EVER.)

This collection includes:

Happy Birthday - F/M, public sex, spanking

Scent of a Man – F/M, office sex

Lipstick Traces – F/M, office sex, spanking

Ladies Who Lunch - F/F, public sex, D/s

Him - F/M, conference call turns sexy

Temptation - F/M, apple orchard sex (yes, I'm serious)

The Toy Box - F/F, sex toys, exploration

Dirty - F/M, outdoor sex

Chemical [se]X - F/M, (yes, this is the story that inspired the anthology)

Baby It's Cold Outside - F/M/M, a holiday threesome inspired by the song

Trim Part 1 - F/M

Trim Part 2 - F/M

The Perfect Crime - F/M - Hot, spontaneous office sex

More to come!