Late Night

Trick or Treat

Oleander Plume
NOTICE: The Radish Fiction app is removing all erotic titles from its database. Thank you for reading my work. If you would like to read more, please visit my blog Your support is appreciated!

Love, Oleander



More bite sized smutty tales, each with a spooky twist.

Please note: these stories include the juicy bits and are NSFW.

"Appetites" - An elevator threesome with a surprise ending. (F/F/M)

"Devil's Drink" - Sometimes I get literary. This is one of those times. (This one does not contain explicit sex, sorry!)

"My Pretty Dead Ones" - This one appeared in a book. (no sex in this one either, it's like I don't know myself any more!)

"Shift" - One of my favorites - a vampire and a shifter enjoy a first date. LOTS of sex in this one, like tons! (F/M)

"Blood Lust" - Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe, this M/M story features a vampire named Prospero.

"Of Molls and Men" - The woman Jerome meets at his office Halloween party looks like she stepped out of another era...

"Taking Chance" - A vampire and a werewolf embark on a blind date. Hilarity ensues. (F/M)