Late Night

Trick or Treat

Oleander Plume

More bite sized smutty tales, each with a spooky twist.

Please note: these stories include the juicy bits and are NSFW.

"Appetites" - An elevator threesome with a surprise ending. (F/F/M)

"Devil's Drink" - Sometimes I get literary. This is one of those times. (This one does not contain explicit sex, sorry!)

"My Pretty Dead Ones" - This one appeared in a book. (no sex in this one either, it's like I don't know myself any more!)

"Shift" - One of my favorites - a vampire and a shifter enjoy a first date. LOTS of sex in this one, like tons! (F/M)

"Blood Lust" - Inspired by Edgar Allen Poe, this M/M story features a vampire named Prospero.

"Of Molls and Men" - The woman Jerome meets at his office Halloween party looks like she stepped out of another era...

"Taking Chance" - A vampire and a werewolf embark on a blind date. Hilarity ensues. (F/M)