Fantasy / Sci-fi

Stop; Go

K. Weikel
One lives in an asylum.

The other, an orphanage.

They are identical,

yet have never met.

One boy made of metal,

the other of myth,

the girls have their hands full,

even without Jayha's threat.

And what is to happen,

the moment they meet?

Opposing powers colliding,

one making time stop--

the other making it go.

Be betwixt to bequeath;

'twas a trick, not a treat.

The hands will not stop

nor shall they sway-

no mere halfie shall stand in their way.

Wanted for a crime they don't recall committing, Cassandra and Cass fight for their lives through space and time, trying to figure out who this "Jayha" person is and why he wants them dead.