Fantasy / Sci-fi


K. Weikel
Eenralla Land lives in a Dome.

That Dome is run by the Government.

The Government has a secret.

A secret Eenralla gets herself entangled in.

It all started when she touched the wall...

Eenie is a normal girl. Well, normal and antisocial. And extremely self-conscious. She makes a friend, who is supposed to go to her Matching Ceremony. A friend who doesn't show up, and Eenie has no idea why. And then she's called up to dance with the President.

On top of that, her match, Ken Barkley, disappears after her little dance. Of COURSE she would get the one guy that bails during the ceremony. It's just her luck.

And then she finds out about the rebellion...

Things are about to get a lot more complicated around here for this seventeen year old girl, and they will never be the same again. Just how far will her luck take her? People want her dead--what if she doesn't make it out alive?