Late Night

Naked & Wanking: Stand Alone/Complex

Mischa Eliot
Naked & Wanking contains naughty short stories. They can be stand alone or have sequels. Each episode will be marked to give you a better idea if it's stand alone or a part of a series.

Rough Riders: Two MC members are secret lovers. What happens when the boss walks in and finds them engaged in naughty play? Things appear dire, as in bullet to the forehead, but can Duke and Mick find a way to save themselves from Dutch?

Exquisite Torture: Vaughn is a special kind of sub. He needs to be forced into his submission. He needs to be strong-willed into begging and speaking up for what he wants. Sebastian knows how to give him exactly what he wants without breaking his strong spirit.

Zach and Roman take a Vacation: Zach and Roman haven't seen each other for a naughty romp since they're night next to the bonfire. Roman has an extra ticket and invites Zach for a mancation.

Naked and Wanking will contain stories primarily featuring gay erotica between men. All stories are featuring adults having consensual sex.