Constant Craving: Season One

Tamara Lush
Justine Lavoie is shocked when Rafael Menendez de Aviles, her first love, appears at her newspaper, offering to save it from bankruptcy. She’s even more shocked when Rafael makes a proposition: spend the next month together, allowing him to do anything he desires with her. And make no mistake: he will demand everything, and make her submit.

If she agrees to his indecent proposal, her newspaper gets everything it needs - and she gets almost everything she desires.

But is Rafael only back in Justine’s life to show her what she’s missed all these years? Or is he out for revenge? Or something more dangerous — like love? Justine isn’t sure, but Rafael is still devastatingly sexy. She's powerless against his touch, his kisses, his body.

Opening their hearts and giving their bodies to each other a second time may destroy them forever…especially when the pain of the past and difficult choices for the future collide.

(Photo Credit: konradbak/Deposit Photos)