Fantasy / Sci-fi

Return to the Haunted Mansion

K. Weikel
She was eight when she dreamed of the ghost. Filled with untapped potential until she traveled to the dining room. Lost in a dream, until she woke up.

But was that all it was? A dream?

Katelin's going insane--so she thinks. The world around her keeps changing, like she's stuck in a TV and someone's switching the channels. She's learning that no matter how far she runs, the past will always catch up with her, even if she believes it was only a dream.

Wonderland doesn't hold a candle to this world she gets swept up in.


Author's Note:

This is technically the fourth book in the series, but it's mostly the first three books reimagined while telling a whole new story in the process. You don't need to read the first three books to understand this story, but you can if you'd like. All three are under 2k words and--warning--were written when I was eight or nine. I felt like the series needed a conclusion and an explanation, and Return to the Haunted Mansion was born. I really hope you enjoy this story. I'm trying something I've never done before with it, and I'm loving it. If you like abstract and creepy, you'll really enjoy this book.

Thank you all!