Fantasy / Sci-fi

Face It

K. Weikel
The gun pointed between my brows sends a stillness through me as fear rages within. The eyes of the gunman glow bright blue above his bandana-covered mouth. Cruelty flickers like a fire in them.

He says something, my nerves spiking. I can't understand him. It's hard to breathe. I am unable to think straight. Why is no one stopping them?

He repeats himself, cocking the gun. "Do you believe in God?"

My vision pulses with my heartbeat. The world around me sways and my chest grows heavy. The sound of wings fills my ears.


And then her. The skin-cloaked girl from my nightmares stands before me with her sharp teeth and perfect face and glowing eyes, every inch of her body beneath her collarbones tattooed. Her eyes glow red and her pierced smirk takes up the lower part of her face.

My sin.

In FACE IT, sin takes on a physical form, torturing Sophia as it dwells inside her recurring nightmares. And as Sophia falls farther into the darkness, her sin begins to pull her deeper, making her doubt everything around her. With Sophia blinded by the world, will her sin completely separate her from salvation and forgiveness? After all, who could love a sinner like her?

Twisted and frightening, FACE IT will open your eyes to a version of the world that the devil doesn't want you to see.

"I have given her time to change her heart and turn from her sin, but she does not want to change." -Revelation 2:21