Late Night


Mischa Eliot

Just the name gives people a little tickle along their nerves, wondering just what is that place? It's not your normal night club, though there is dancing. And it's not a sex club, unless you're hosting a private party. On a normal night, it's a BDSM club waiting to fulfill your darkest desires.

What happens when a young college student needs a job in order to stay in school? Kendrick's injury waylaid him from athletics and his scholarship when shortly after. The construction job he had for extra money lowered his hours when the injury put him on light duty. When he sees a job as a bartender making twice an hour than his current position, he jumps at the chance to stay in college. After researching the club, he doesn't find a lot of information about it, almost as if someone scrubs their information from the internet. His buddy, Todd, tries to fill him in on the dirty details, but Kendrick won't hear it - if there's nothing on the internet about it, then it must just be another place for the rich kids to drop their credit cards, right?

When Kendrick has to make a choice - go home or take the job - there's only one way he feels he can choose. How will he deal with the people around him when he's trying to serve drinks and keep his desire hidden?

Content Warning: This serial contains scenes and language not suitable for minors and is intended for an adult audience.