Late Night

Horatio Slice: Confessions of a Space Pirate

Oleander Plume
NOTICE: This story contains SEX. Lots of consensual, fun, and HOT, GAY sex between a variety of gorgeous men. If you are under 18, or perhaps offended by sex scenes, please do not read this series. If you like stories featuring hot rock stars with BIG DICKS, please continue. (BTW, fuck you, Apple and Google.)


Hunky rock star Horatio Slice was playing before a packed crowd at Madison Square Garden one minute, and falling through a portal into an alternate dimension the next.

When he finds himself in a jail cell next to the hottest space pirate in the universe, Snake Vinter, Horatio is thrust into an adventure across dimensions.

Featuring characters from my 5-star rated novel "Horatio Slice: Guitar Slayer of the Universe", these short stories share a common thread: sexy hilarious shenanigans. Enjoy!