Fantasy / Sci-fi


The Encante: Book 2

Encantados - legendary shapeshifters that enchant and command the rivers of the Amazon. Now that Sofia Aguilar has become one of them, she has much to learn about Julio, the clans, the Encante, and herself. Her journey will take her far beyond the Amazon to a place that the Encantados call paradise: The Encante.

Upon entering the Encante, Sofi discovers that she belongs to the Jade Clan, the birthright of all dolphins. In addition to Sofi's newly appointed clan status, she becomes a part of a century-long war between her people and the Stone Clan. She is instructed to reside in the household of her adversary, Mestre Julio, and study under him until she masters her skills. With the help of Julio and his disciples, Sofi must find her place in this unlikely realm and learn what it truly means to be Jade.