Late Night

The Men's Room

Oleander Plume

If you ask me, there’s a reason M/M sounds like “mmm…”. For proof, may I present a catalog of quick, sexy reads that are all about men.

“Magnum” – Cleaning up after his own birthday party is a drag, until JB gets help from his roommate’s boyfriend.

“The Accidental Exhibitionist” – When a dick pic winds up in the wrong hands, Michael discovers some mistakes are meant to be.

“The Stall” – Bored at work, Nathan reads a text from his lover, and lives to regret it.

“Triple Dog Dare” – Max thinks he has power over his libido until his sexy coworker challenges him to the ultimate dare.

“Backyard Glory” – Rob gives his neighbor Jim a helping hand.

"Unbroken" - Jake and Lonnie are two lost souls. Can they save each other?

"Miss-Taken Identity" - A lost suitcase brings two strangers together for an afternoon of passion.

"Bones" - Kevin has a crush on his roommate Sage, but worries he won't measure up.

"Coffee Break" - From my 5-star rated anthology, Chemical [se]X - While remodeling the mayor's house, Zak and Ryan stumble across a stash of aphrodisiac chocolates that turn their world upside down.

More hot M/M goodness on the way!