Fantasy / Sci-fi

My Witchy Ex-Girlfriend

Elle Rease
Thomas Reed is not impressed when his ex-girlfriend shows up at his doorstep. It's been three years since she unceremoniously broke up with him. What could she possibly want with him now?

He's done his best to move on, but within minutes of appearing, Corinne is already dragging him back into her world... The one filled with witches, magic and an intimidating prophecy. Thomas soon realizes that he might have a trick up his sleeve, too.

He teams up with Corinne and flies to the City of Love to kill Christoff—the evil warlock that had murdered her beloved sister June—all the while vowing that he will stick with his current girlfriend, Mina. The line between friendship and love quickly begin blurring, though, much like the identical lines on their palms.

Christoff is threatened by Corinne's growing power and will stop at nothing to destroy her. The only thing that prevents her from tipping to the Dark side is her love for Thomas but, with him insisting that they are over, will it be enough?