YA / Teen

1. Since the Storms

"God, I hate you so much, Jack Parker. You are the most..."

He is in front of me in a heartbeat, so close, his elbow now glued to the wall beside my head, his forehead almost touching mine, his eyes burning a bright fire, as he says, "You think you hate me, huh? Oh, Pricket, you have no idea just how deep MY hate runs for you; I know you can see it in my eyes, but you don't know that it's in my blood, that I burn with the very essence of it, that I can taste the flavor on my tongue, feel the prickle on my skin. You think you hate me now? You'd hate me infinitely more if you'd knew just how much I hate you too."

This is indeed a love story.

It may not seem like it in the beginning, because ironically, the beautiful, inspiring actress, Jessie Pricket and The Storms' lead singer, Jack Parker hate one another. They are two headstrong teenagers who are sworn enemies and will stop at nothing to bring the other to their knees.

But what happens when their relationship becomes more complicated than they ever anticipated, and now two people that thought they knew exactly how they felt about each other begin to question their feelings and motives.

What will happen when in one stormy night, the two are stranded in the middle of nowhere and are forced to face their feeling?

©Sarah Toussaint