YA / Teen

Damian's Deeds

K. Weikel
Sometimes the villian of the story isn't really evil - his motives are just wrong.

Damian isn't in the right... state of mind to seek revenge on a certain One with powers stronger than him. But, perhaps, if he had help from, let's say, a certain girlfriend, maybe he could return to his former self.

Or maybe he'll just dig himself a grave.

Dametria and Jackie have wandered off, not sure of what exactly went down between Damian and Cressa-la. And when Damian wordlessly begins to lead them to what he wants, the girls uncover more about themselves than Damian's ever seen. Of course, this doesn't phase who he is and what he wants, but, perhaps... perhaps some day it might.

Or so Dametria hopes.

~ Book 4 of THE ONE-HUNDRED ~