Fantasy / Sci-fi

Oria's Enchantment

The Temptation of Power

No longer a princess and not yet a queen, the sorceress Oria welcomes the rush of power

the ancient mask brings her—though the obsessive connection to it frightens her and

alarms her barbarian husband, Lonen. But retreat is not an option. She must wrestle the

magic to prevent an annihilating war, even if she must make the ultimate sacrifice.

A World in Flames

If Lonen wants to reclaim his throne—and save his people from destruction—he must

return by sunset on the seventh day. What he thought would be a short and simple

journey, however, leads them deeper into the mountains—and Oria deeper into the thrall

of foul magic. Until he must choose between two terrible paths.

A Heart-Wrenching Choice

Struggling with conflicting loyalties, Oria and Lonen fight to find a way to be together…

lest they be separated forever, and their realms go down in flames with them.