Fantasy / Sci-fi

Diamonds in the Dark [Hellcat Series Bk. 1] FC Gen II

C. Swallow
A secret baby, a secret city and a turf war between the most powerful soldiers ever created.

The Zenith Alphas are coming to take over Frankincense City [FC] and they've already laid their first claim by seducing the President of FC's daughter.

Ariel is a young woman with tyrian eyes, just like her father. Ariel also inherited a unique insanity from her mother; hence she craves danger and is immune to fearing the big bad wolves coming over from Andromeda. Will Ariel's high-risk gene-code be the ultimate demise to her family?

DIAMONDS IN THE DARK [Hellcat Series Bk.1] FC Gen II

The Sequel to Kitten

Andromeda is the Official Prequel.