Beauty and the Billionaire

You’ve heard the saying, money can’t buy you love.

But money brought billionaire Ryan Baylor into my life—a man I love.

A man who owns me in so many ways.

A man I can’t fully have.

There are certain undeniable truths I’ve built my world around. He shatters them all. I’ve allowed him to because, as it turns out, money actually can buy love.

And happiness.

At least for the forty or so minutes it takes for Ryan’s limo to wind through the streets of Manhattan, from my Tribeca apartment to whatever upscale venue his latest fundraiser or gala is being held at.

To me, these are stolen moments together, filled with decadent pleasures only the two of us share. In reality, he’ll hand me an envelope full of cash when we reach our destination.

And the limo will return me home.

Mine is not a reputable business, but it was the one guarantee I latched onto so I didn’t become a misplaced orphan when I lost my parents seven years ago, at the age of eighteen.

Over the years, I’ve convinced myself I’ve learned everything there is to know about life, love and desire.

Ryan proves me wrong; he proves I have so much more to learn.

Now, I will make sacrifices for him that shred both our hearts.

I will put everything on the line for him—my livelihood, my soul, my very existence. Because when you love someone, their happiness is all that matters to you.

Ryan has his own crosses to bear, and I will gradually become aware of them.

They are intricate and dangerous complications I will become thornily entwined in.

And the new truths we both discover will either bind us together for good, or tear us apart forever.