“You want to help me, Kate? Take your dress off and let me get you out of my system…”

Jude McMillan’s sexy words ignite Kate Stockman’s nerve endings. Every single one of them. But as Jude’s former therapist, Kate’s secret attraction borders on forbidden—making her fantasies of the wealthy, tormented attorney even hotter. Kate knows she must resist the temptation of Jude’s dark, brooding looks, his chiseled-to-perfection body, his intriguing tattoo…and his damaged soul. Kate has enough complications in her life. Yet everything about Jude McMillan is everything her body craves.

Jude’s desire for Kate has simmered below the surface for three years. When she’s in need of a favor from him, in the form of a date for her younger brother’s engagement party, Jude suspects Kate’s all-business attitude is secretly in dire need of an all-pleasure evening.

Precisely what he’s willing to give her.