Frankincense City [Vol. 2]

Two Love Stories inc.


Our beloved Kitten is now an unofficial President of Frank City, a place once ravaged by pain and suffering is now peaceful and united. Her dolls are her close squad who protect the city from any rising discord. Her daughter, Sally, is a ray of lightning as always and her son, Casey, is a powerful machine, who may or may not be desperately hiding a terrible, bloody secret.

All the while, old enemies lurk in the dark, plotting their next move to disrupt and discredit Alyssa O’Brien; the one woman who has the genetic makeup to truly reign over not just the world, but the shadows and the beasts that walk within them.


On the run from her unstable psychotic ex-boyfriend, Casey, will Viola outrun him forever or try to help him face his demons? Her challenge is that she’s seen the horrific monster that lives within him. A monster that comes out to play when Casey uses his power; mind control.