Roses & Thorns

Simone Shirazi
• Book #4 in the Fairytale Series, a Beauty and the Beast retelling •

Khalid Bakhtiar has spent the last seven years of his life in a jail cell overseas. When a chance arises for him to return home to the US, he accepts the terms of his release without question, even though it means he has to spend the last three years of his sentence under house arrest. At least this way he can assume the duties as CEO of his family's company, a position he's been destined for since childhood.

Rose Thompson is desperately searching for a job. With a sick father and student loan payments looming, she needs to start making money—and fast. So when she sees a job listing for a personal assistant to the CEO of PersOil, she's quick to apply. When she lands the job, she thinks all of her problems have been solved.

The only issue? Her new boss is a convicted criminal. And now she has to work full-time in his utterly creepy mansion.

However, as time goes on, Rose begins to realize there's more to this beast than meets the eye. But can Khalid ever redeem himself and escape the sins of his father?

• Sequel to Once Upon a One Night Stand, Arabian Nights, and Dryland, but can be read as a standalone •