Before We Say Goodbye

College sweethearts Olive and Nigel Goodwin shared a love that inspired many—a love with a happy ending. With fifteen years of marriage, three children, great jobs, and a home, Olive and Nigel never thought they’d be a couple in distress.

Nigel Goodwin is at the end of his rope and resolves to take desperate measures into his own hands by doing the one thing he thought he’d never do—agree to a separation and start the process to divorce. His actions cause their “prenuptial agreement,” like no other to swing into high gear and with it a glimmer of hope.

Olive Goodwin never thought she’d want out of her marriage. She wonders how she got to this point with a man that she vowed to love forever—a man she’d never thought would betray her.

When Olive and Nigel are required to revisit memories of their past, and with the realization of losing each other becoming all too real, will the couple find their way back to each other or is this truly the end of their love story?