1. Captured (The Pack #1)

The world thinks we're this huge cooperation, made of millions around the world. But in reality, we are much smaller than they realize. We are only a few. A few hundreds, that is. Consisting of, our respective three branches; the Alpha, the Beta, and the Omega.

The world might be wrong about our numbers, but they are right about our objective; to protect the planet. At all cost.

So, we capture the rogue ones, then we tame them. We cure them if possible or dispose of them if it's called for.

I am Alpha BS5. I'm the best at what I do. My current mission? Capture Subject SUD12. She's been rogue for eighteen years, her abnormalities are currently unknown, and her last location was discovered to be in Prague.

I'll get her.

Besides, I've never failed a mission.

They don't just call me the best. I've earned it.