Fantasy / Sci-fi

Healing Pain

Ebony Olson
The fall of Angels was a fiction created by man to feel better about their sins.

Lidia Danes is recovering from a life-altering car accident. She exists in agony, her career might be over, and her cheating ex is her doctor. Living feels like hell. An experience certain demons are bound to enjoy. The demon who feeds off misery, the demon who feeds off pain, and the demon goddess of Mercy.

But Lidia isn't your average human. She gets off on pain and feels comfortable around death. Shes unique. Something her old friends know, and her new friends are about to find out.

Explore the sensual world of pain with Lidia the masochist, Bree the dominatrix, and Layla the psychologist. (It fits if you think about it ?)

This story contains sex, violence, and probably everything in between, so definitely 18+.

The Healing Pain is a fan designed fiction. It does not reflect the true nature of any person living or dead. Any similarities are purely coincidence (trust me, I'm totally winging this one.)

Updates will be random and sporadic.

Special guest chapters by @Layla-A-D