Fantasy / Sci-fi

Hiding Behind A Mask

K. Weikel
There is a place full of shame and hatred

Where people hide their torn faces

They cower behind masks and close themselves off

And they're told not to come out no matter the scoff

No matter the torment, no matter the pain,

Taking off your mask will admit that you're vain.

Never take off the mask that hides your deepest truths

But what if you did, what would you find beneath the ruins?

Someone is following Becca Reed

He wants her on the Dark Clan

And he says things...

Things that don't make sense.

Things that are making Becca

Reach insanity.

But what is insanity

In a world full of it?

Everyone has a good side and a bad side.

Which one are ʏȏȗ?