YA / Teen

Twenty Miles In

I had no experience with hiking, unless you counted the commute on foot from the Metro stop to Capitol Hill and back every day. ... The only thing funnier than the idea of me sleeping on the ground in a tent for three days was Lindsay, my club-going, false-eyelash-wearing roommate doing it along with me.

But Emma's trek is about to get way more epic, when she discovers the rest of her hiking party consists of Lindsay's boyfriend, the boyfriend's jerk of a best friend, and the only guy Emma ever had a one-night stand with--and that guy took off before dawn. All that's missing is a snowy natural disaster and a broken leg twenty miles in.

The group is forced to split. Emma is paired with her former hook-up, and must put her hurt aside as they race to find help before it's too late...in doing so she finds something she never expected--love.