New Adult

Freeing the Beast

Nolan is obsessed with the beautiful college student Astrid. She doesn't even know he exists but his life revolves around her. But when Astrid is in danger, Nolan has to find a way to protect a girl who doesn't know nor trusts him.

So what does he do to keep her from the people who are out to get her?

He kidnaps her.


Astrid has just graduated from Seattle Clear Tech, and by a struck of good luck, right after she's thrown her cap in the air, she gets a chance to intern at Clear Tech inc. Enterprises, one of the wealthiest technology companies to break through in the world in the last decade. But with a struck of bad luck, her curiosity lands her in hot water.

What Astrid knows now, can, indeed, hurt her, but what she doesn't know, is that she is the beast's obsession and every move she makes is seeing by him, and he is bound on saving her.

©Sarah Toussaint