Fantasy / Sci-fi

The Empire of Immortal Light

T. E. Waters
Glory to Cataya, may her light last ten thousand years!

Disturbed by the difficult truths she has learned in the north, Watercaster Neris flees to the Empire to rendezvous with her fellow resistance leaders. Catayan mercenary Firu returns to the land of her origin as well, seeking any newly manifested individuals with Forbidden elemental affinity, determined to prevent further tragedy from unfolding.

Instead, she stumbles upon an assassination plot brewing against the teenaged empress.

The most obvious suspects? The exiled Thaevian resistance, who have long believed that the Empire is their best chance at toppling their tyrannical oppressors -- if only they could appeal to a ruler more sympathetic to their cause.

But the Thaevians are hardly the Empress's only enemies. Whispers of independence spread like wildfire through the colonies of Firu's birth. And no matter how Neris runs, there is no escaping the ghosts of her past.