Olga GOA
A suspense-filled, dark romance set within the beautifully eternal backdrop of Rome, Italy is where two broken souls, Milano and Veronica, find one another. A journey of love and darkness entwined as they attempt to fill the void in their hearts.

Will they heal their hearts or will they break them?

Veronica, adopted by her aunt Henrietta in her early childhood, knows nothing about her biological parents and lives solely for her. After finishing her penultimate fourth year at the university, she craves an escape from her mundane, everyday life and from her so-called friends who were nothing but tormentors. Aunt Henrietta gifts her a much-needed vacation—a trip to Italy which promises to be her best holiday ever.

When Veronica arrives in Rome, Italy, she meets the young Milano Veneziani, who seems like a kind man at first. She doesn’t know anything about his dark past or present and what tomorrow promises, but it doesn’t stop her from beginning a passionate affair with him, quickly realizing that she is falling in love.

Will that passion burn her? Will it make her feel more alive than she has ever felt before? Or will she fall into the abyss of Milano’s lust and be consumed by his darkness?