Ruby's past is dark and tormented with the death of her pack mates after a curse from the witches left nearly everyone she knew, dead at her feet. The only survivors from the attack were herself and her brother, Finn. They thought they had nowhere to go and no more family to take care of them. That was until they were offered protection and a home within a rival pack of werewolves who are known as the Evergreen Pack. They are the strongest and most fearsome werewolves known in the vicinity - all because of the reputation of their Alpha, Christian. He knows how to rule, command and protect his own. He has the Alpha instincts that know how to handle anyone in any situation. But could he handle Ruby? After all, before her pack had all been tragically murdered... she had been the Alpha.

*spin off from my free ABV [Abducted by Vampires Series] only available on my Wattpad CSW1995. Bk1 Prince Darrius [complete] Bk2 Hunter Maximus [complete] Bk3 Prince Xavier [ongoing]*