Fantasy / Sci-fi

Fumes Variola

Jessica E. Larsen
To save the future, they must fight something they can’t see or touch.

Audrey is a thirty-five-year-old witch who decided to go back in time to change the future and stop her best friend Nova from being possessed by Fumes Variola, a mysterious black smoke that feeds on the negative energy of all life forms, turning them into evil beings.

Audrey failed on her first try, and that failure resulted in her death. With the help of her younger self, however, she was able to save Gretchen, Nova's daughter.

Now, with the help of Nikephoros, a playful wood sprite, it's up to Gretchen to change the past. But what could she do? Other than making potions, she has no power that will enable her to save or fight her mother.