1. Matías (The Moreno Men series) #1

Everyone has heard of the Moreno men and you are expected to be a descent American citizen and good Samaritan and sign your name up for the Help-The-Moreno-Men campaign, in order to be able to volunteer in case your services are ever needed.

A lot of people have signed up, just to be able to say they did and be free to brag about how much of good ambassadors they are, but none of them actually expect to get a call from the organization, acquiring their services, as most of the Moreno men are already in witness protection programs.

I signed up. Not because I'm a good person and want to help make the world a better place. No. I did it, because my parole officer advised me to, but I never expected to get a call.

And I never expected for that caller to ask me how soon I think I'll be ready for one of the Moreno men to move in with me.

I can barely control my crazy life, let alone be able to take in some stray. This is the last thing I need right now. But I need to do this if I want to stay out of jail.